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What is Person Centered Care?

Our clinical team will work with you, your loved one, and their medical team to build a care plan that outlines your loved one’s care needs; From personal characteristics, social talents, and interests, religious and cultural beliefs, activities of daily living care preferences and needs as well as dietary likes and dis-likes. Combining all the items we’ve put together allows us to create a a person-centered care plan that will lead our team and your loved one to success.

Care Options

Amber Grove Place offers several different care options starting at $650 monthly

Protect, Engage & Love

When a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Of course you want them to receive the very best in treatment and care. But you also want them to be treated as an adult with a unique story, someone with personal preferences, abilities and dignity. That is why we make this pledge to you:

  • We will answer all of your questions honestly and completely.
  • We will seek to discover all that is unique and special about your loved one, including their lifetime story and family experiences.
  • We will provide a purpose-filled environment for your loved one that is person-centered to fit their special needs, goals and abilities.
  • We will provide your loved one with highly trained professionals with a passion to serve.

Did you know

We will keep you and your family connected and involved in every aspect of their care.

Culinary Offerings

We're proud of our commitment and works to quality in everything we do.

Therapy Services

Every community offers residents a personalized monthly calendar of events

Life Enrichment

Enjoy spacious, elegant residences; welcoming common areas

Engaging Activities

Whether you enjoy fitness, the arts, education, dancing, gardening

Activities for minds,
body and spirit

Person-Centered Care

Everything we do is centered on the uniqueness of each individual. Our programs are tailored to fit special the qualities, preferences and abilities of your loved one and no one else. Taking this approach helps pave the way to a stronger connection with family, other residents and the environment around them. Our hand-chosen care partners are steeped in the art of intuitive care and tolerant observation to help meet unexpressed needs.

Technology in Service of Care

We believe in using technology, not as a replacement to care, but to augment and enhance the experience of your loved one. That is why we use the highly innovative It's Never 2 Late™ (iN2L) interactive programs, that allow residents, regardless of ability level, to use special online programs for recreation, learning, mental stimulation, and even to communicate with their loved ones.

Better Together

Multigenerational programs bring smiles and delight to both young and old. We call these programs “Better Together.” Our communities schedule regular visits from student volunteers and trips to local schools to allow residents to engage with young people. It’s a breath of fresh air to observe as eyes light up, along with lots of smiles and laughter. These tender and spontaneous interactions have a way of sparking memories and connecting residents to those around them in fresh, new ways.

Pet Visits

Animals bring with them a unique therapy of their own. Through local partnerships, we are able to provide regular animal visits, and they never fail to bring joy and delight. The positive effects of pet therapy on seniors are well known, but you need only see their faces light up when a friendly animal comes into our community to understand its amazing impact.

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