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Amber Grove Place is here to help support you and your family throughout this journey. We’ve collected some resources that may be helpful as you search for the right solution for you or a loved one.

Memory Care & Dementia Resources

Find local and national resources for Memory Care and Dementia below. If you live with a loved one struggling with a condition related to dementia, we recommend several books to help you learn and cope. Please stop by and ask us for a copy! We stock many of these books for use by families of our residents.

Financial Resources

The V.A. offers financial aid for veterans and spouses who are in need of care. This may include individuals in memory care communities. Although assistance may vary, the support can be significant for those who qualify. To learn more about how the program might benefit you or your family, visit

Long-term care insurance can cover a portion of a resident’s stay in a memory care community. Because these policies vary from person to person, coverage is individualized. Our Executive Director can help identify what is required for coverage under your existing insurance policy. We can also help fill out the necessary forms and will work with your insurance provider, to assist you in receiving your benefits.
A secured line of credit is quite similar to a bank account. However, instead of making deposits, you borrow money against it. This source of credit can be secured by CDs, stocks, personal property and cash. To help you pay for memory care services, you can borrow from it without having to renegotiate terms. If you do not qualify for a secured line of credit, you may also want to consider a reverse mortgage.
This financing product is a loan that is made available to persons aged 62 or better. It can be used to put the idle home equity in the property to work. The homeowner’s obligation would be to repay the loan. However, this repayment is deferred until the owner passes away, moves out, or the home is sold. For couples, as long as one person still occupies the home, there are safeguards for them to remain living at home.
If you have cash accumulated in a life insurance product, you may be able to liquidate your policy to fund the costs of assisted living and other services. This may be a good way to assist with the cost of memory care without depleting other income sources. There are many excellent resources for this kind of financing solution, but the key is keeping your premiums current on your policy.
Family members may want to assist in the move to a memory care community. One way would be to take advantage of the IRS gift tax exemption. Individuals can gift up to $15,000 per person each year without having to pay any taxes on such gifts. However, contact your personal financial advisor or tax professional; these individuals can assist you in finding out how this may benefit both you and your loved one.

COVID Response & Resources

Amber Grove Place is committed to the health and safety of our residents and staff. We are closely following the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control as well as Butte County Public Health to adhere to the best COVID-19 safety practices.
Communication is essential to ensure consistent information is given and received. We send emails to all families and responsible parties routinely to give the latest updates. Communication with Butte County Public Health includes weekly education and informational meetings. We are also in contact with our local Department of Social Services to stay up on regulatory compliance and preventative actions in regards to this virus.
Clear, consistent and routine communication is our promise. Emails are sent to give the latest updates but we also encourage families to attend our weekly scheduled Zoom meeting. This meeting with our Executive Director gives a chance for a virtual face-to-face to get all the latest and greatest info and to ask any questions.
Events that could increase risk due to participation with outside sources including visitors, vendors or volunteers have been paused. As the county has started to ease restrictions, we are happy to have added social-distanced, in person visits back into our programming. We offer FaceTime visits and Zoom calls with family members so the personal connections are maintained, even when face to face means something a little different. Making sure you can visit safely with your loved one is a TOP priority!
We have created several policies to inform and protect our staff. The training provided on infectious disease protocol has been enhanced to include new policy and procedures for the Coronavirus. We want our employees to stay safe, know how to recognize symptoms and what to do in the case of suspected symptoms. They are the true heroes in this pandemic and show how much they care by following best practices at work but as importantly in their personal lives as well.
Each person that enters our community is screened with a COVID questionnaire, their temperature is taken and mandatory hand-washing is completed before entry is allowed. We are exceeding required testing requirements to ensure the safety of residents and staff.
We have communicated our updated policies and temporary restrictions on visitation to our providers and vendors. Only essential visits are allowed and then must follow the new policy regarding requirements to don PPE, our check in procedure and COVID screening.

You can click on this link to go directly to get Butte County’s real time information regarding positive cases.