North Chico, CA Senior Living

A legacy of serving seniors

Amber Grove Place is located in Chico, California.

We are proud of our reputation for being one of the most progressive memory care communities in Northern California. Our highly creative team has put together programs that bring skilled and talented people through our doors, from local memory care experts conducting informative seminars, to world class touring performing artists, to highly original field trips.


Years of working

Our person-centered activities have been designed to help rekindle memory, bring joy, and foster levels of interaction, often out of reach with traditional care models. At the heart of Amber Grove is a thriving student intern program through our partnership with California State University, Chico. Our young people bring a fresh outlook and a passion to serve, and many of them stay on to become permanent staff members. This ongoing infusion of youthful enthusiasm benefits our residents, families and everyone connected with Amber Grove. As a Memory Care community, we are 100% dedicated to serving the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Our guiding purpose is “To protect, engage and love.” We achieve this by providing the highest standards of care, along with comfort and support to our residents and their families.

What makes us


Our staff is on-site all day and all night. You also have comfort knowing that all medications are administered by professionals.


Our décor blends elegance and comfort to make the surroundings inviting and warm for everyone who chooses to call our home.

Escapades…for Life!

Is about adventure, excitement, and discovery and makes you want to get out of bed each morning and have some FUN!

What makes us different?

We are proud to announce the top ten latest award-winning communities selected by SeniorAdvisor

Resort-Style Living

Delicious meals, exceptional facilities.

Safety and Security

Protection and facilitation when needed.


Rest assured your health needs are managed.

24/7 Nursing Staff

Highly qualified staff committed to your care.

Our thoughtfully designed community boasts the best of everything.

The family continues to grow

We are proud to announce the top ten latest award-winning communities selected by SeniorAdvisor
It is our daily mission to help our residents fulfill the desire to return to the special place that exists in our hearts and minds that we call “home.” Our goal is to create a place where each resident feels safe and secure, nurtured, and loved which is filled with the sound of laughter and the aroma of home cooking.
We are committed to creating a safe, active, and friendly environment fulfilling our residents’ desire for understanding and significance, to pursuing personal and professional growth providing peace of mind in everything we do.
Sense of Security
We do this by protecting residents without inhibiting them, while preserving their inner spark. We engage with them in positive ways that help re-connect them to others and themselves providing a loving, compassionate environment that supports the growth and wellbeing of every individual who works, visits and lives within our community.

We’re here
to help

The original philosophy of our Communities still stands after six decades. Our family continues to operate under its founding principles and strives to serve our seniors with respect, dignity, and compassion–our family serving yours.